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One of the latest shows that has swept through television is Revolution. It's a post-apocalyptic series about an adaption on the world with no electricity, water, or food. However, what sets this show apart from other dystopian tales is how it begins with the first episode right on the front doorstep of America's new Independence Day. It was a day where there were two successful launches for various new military systems and social technologies -- which lead to the beginning of an hour-long race to try and gain power in order to take control of America and set up their own government. The show centers on the Matheson family and their struggles to survive with the world against them and the fight they've taken on to try and fight back and save what's left of humanity. The structure of this show is simple: for each episode, we're introduced to a new character in a different part of the world one year after everything went down. However, we're shown that there are people who were able to prepare for this day. They had readied themselves by hiding away in bunkers or even starting up small communities throughout America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. And as we discovered as the show progressed, those who were ready for this day were only the tip of the iceberg. Those who weren't prepared were left behind and now anything can happen to those who lost their homes through no fault of their own -- and that includes children and innocent people who can't fight back like adults. The revolution is completely bloodthirsty and cruel and the families that we follow in this show are trying to survive by any means necessary -- whether they're fighting side by side with other groups or banding together to take out the enemy. When the world falls apart, it becomes very easy to point fingers and say that this person or that person caused it. It was proven in the premiere episode where we discovered that there were two successful launches of new military technology that day. One of them was aimed at Cuba (yes, you read that right -- the Cuban missile crisis is brought back into the world of Revolution), while the other one was sent out to space for unknown reasons. We later found out about a group called The Patriots who were able to get their hands on these rockets and sneak them across borders without anyone knowing they were there. The Patriots are a shadow organization who wants to take control of the whole world and control everything from food to communications. They've been doing small jobs in the shadows for a while, but were able to use these rockets as a symbol of power to take full control of America. And right after that, they set up their own government and tried to put the entire planet under their thumb with an iron fist. The world also shifted on its axis for another reason that we learned about later on in the show -- there was a solar flare from the sun that knocked out most technology and power grid across the globe. It was used as an explanation for how everything went down -- but it wasn't something they completely believed in. 8eeb4e9f32 22

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